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She is a Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, and Stylist...

My next blog post is on a brand I love and am always inspired when I see her work on my Instagram timeline. Her name is Rhianna Cooper and she owns Vida Kush which offers jewelry, accessories, and clothing. I appreciate her creativity shown throughout the different jewelry pieces and I had fun researching her brand and viewing all her pieces. She not only designs jewelry, she does freelance photography and styling. Go check out her work at

For this post instead of doing a sales promotion project like the previous one, I chose to do a Look Book of the brand and showcase the work in a snapshot form including Product Assortment, Styling, and Target Market. Since I am a visual person, gathering and editing images as well as categorizing them is fun to me. And it helps when the products are amazing and offers personalization. Jewelry that is customizable is great!

Anyway, make sure to visit her site at as well as adding her on IG. @vidakush @rhirhicooper. Thank you!

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