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Why Jewelry?

Jewelry has always been a consistent in my life. It has come to the point were a pair of studded earrings and a classic gold link watch is something that I must accessorize with everyday. In addition to jewelry being intricately beautiful, it also creates a full ensemble that can make an outfit go from boring to stylish. My particular accessory style is classic gold pieces like name-plated and dainty necklaces especially layering them, link watches with small to medium band width, link bracelets and stud earrings. Not too much however it adds just enough style and pazazz for me. Plus my Grandma has gifted me with some precious jewels throughout the years so my love for it really was inspired from her. Shoutout to Shidi!

After doing three jewelry based projects in college, I came to the realization that this is something I want to pursue. First I took an Entrepreneurship class and my business concept was a fashion jewelry e-commerce offering personalized jewelry. My business differed from others because of the fast shipping & delivery options. I was able to create a full business plan including, Market Research, Industry Research, Financials, Analytical Data etc. This not only gave me knowledge on how to write a business plan, it also helped me gain a deeper passion for jewelry. I realized how important it is in the industry.

Next, I completed a Public Relations Campaign for a jewelry company of my choosing called, Stella & Dot. It came with an Executive Summary, Target Market Research, Objectives, Strategies, etc. I particularly liked this project because I was able to tune into my 'sales promotion' side and see if I was capable of coming up with a practical PR campaign for an already existing company. I received an A in the class so it's safe to say I did well.

My last project was a capstone research paper with a presentation. My instructor didn't want us to pick a general topic so instead of picking jewelry, I narrowed it down to the evolution of jewelry and how Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3-D printing is becoming popular in the industry. The presentation was just visuals to the paper. The main points of the paper was the history (shortened version), the different methods of creating hand-made metal jewelry (wax, moldings), and then I finished explaining how software like CAD and 3-D printing is important and helps to streamline the jewelry making process. I also stressed the fact that although technological advances in the industry is valuable, it still does not take place of handmade jewelry. Artisanship is a substantial factor in the creation of jewelry.

So one of my long term goals is to create and establish a jewelry brand. It's a long term goal because I still need to gain experience and learn from the best in order to be successful. I already am aware of my style aesthetic and how the pieces will look however, I still need to learn the artisanship of it.

This blog will include moderate to better price point jewelry brands and a "Sales Promotion Project" on that specific one. I am doing this to gain insight on successful brands and use it as a platform to illustrate my marketing/visual design skills. I must constantly learn about the industry that I one day want to be successful in. And if you are into jewelry, you can become aware of brands and buy their merchandise! I promise it will be exclusive.

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